How to Get There

Camp Walmadan is approx 50 km north of Broome. It is no longer necessary as a blockade camp to prevent Woodside from desecrating sacred dune burial sites. It is now a stunning piece of coast line for everyone to enjoy. Come for a swim, and camp, a fish, a snorkel… it can be enjoyed to its full potential now that Woodside are no longer lurking around there, and the frontline struggle for protection has subsided.

To get there:

    • Take the Great Northern Highway out of Broome towards Derby, after about 10kms turn left onto Cape-Leveque Road.
    • The bitumen disappears onto a gravel/sandy and corrugated road.  4WD vehicles, camper trailers and off-road type RVs are best suited for this road.
    • Turn left into Manari Road.
    • You will pass turn-offs to Willie Creek, Barred Creek and Quondong Point. Continue straight on. All these places are amazing too and worth checking out!
    • About 3kms south of James Price Point is where the hub of activity of camp Walmadan once was, you can still see camp structures on your left hand side.

The beautiful beaches and iconic red cliffs of James Price Point is a must see! See for yourself what is worth protecting!


The Goolarabooloo and Lurujarri Heritage Trail walkers write a message in the sand.

The Goolarabooloo and Lurujarri Heritage Trail walkers write a message in the sand.
Photo: Julia Rau

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4 Responses to How to Get There

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  3. Georgi Stone says:

    To see footage of the protesters taking action to stop Woodside makes my heart both cry and sing – such people power and passion dedicated to protecting the land is a reminder of where our hearts should be, and the Indigenous people an awesome inspiration in this! Need to get there!

  4. Robyne Smith says:

    If we stop importing all the rubbish we consume we wont need sacrifice our beautiful land to maintain a balance of payments

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