Youtube clips

Jabbir Jabbir woman, Mitch Torres, explains how an Industrial Gas Plant at James Price Point threatens the culture and land of her people.

(Credit: The Australian Greens)

Riot cops are flown into Broome in 2011 to break up the blockade led by Indigenous Mob on the dirt road leading out to sacred land and the proposed Gas Precinct. The violent actions of these riot cops completely shocked the usually quiet, remote town of Broome. This day is now referred to as Black Tuesday.

(Credit: Wyldeclan)

In 2012 Broome Community say Good Riddance to Woodside for the wet season. We stand ready in opposition for when they propose to come back in 2013, with plans of destroying countless Aboriginal Burial Sites.

(Credit: Tegan Mossop)

The Sea Shepherd, led by former Greens Leader, Bob Brown, have launched an operation in the Kimberley to help protect the whale nursery that would be destroyed by a Gas Plant, Industrial Port and Dredging, if this LNG project were to go ahead.

(Credit: The Sea Shepherd)

A Protesting Flash Mob blockaded a convoy of Woodside vehicles, dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller. They then took to the streets of Broome, taking the usually quiet town by surprise.

(Credit: Jefferson Skinner)

3 Responses to Youtube clips

  1. Chelsea says:

    flora looks good know anygood books for that stuff?

    • Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for your comments and interest in protecting the Kimberley. Sorry its taken so long to get back to you, things have been really really busy here, as I am sure you can imagine.

      If you google ‘plants of the west kimberley’ a few books come up but one that didn’t is called Mayi by Magabala books. It’s about bush tucker plants and is meant to be really good.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Hi Chelsea, this blogspot has been minded by a series of different people. I have just taken it on again. In regards to your comment, I have ‘Broome and Beyond’ which is a great book, and special as it focuses on the plants of the Dampier Peninsula rather than the whole Kimberley, and it’s made with love. The problem is that it is out of print. But I recommnend looking it up on 2nd hand book sites. I may be able to send you a digital copy if you like. Email me at if you are still interested.

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