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Country, Community & Culture

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camp booklet front cover

This is a beautifully presented booklet for learning about Camp Walmadan, why this area is so environmentally and culturally significant, what happened at camp, and about this unique campaign to protect Walmadan (James Price Point) and the Kimberley from mass industrialisation.

The booklet includes artworks and photographs of the area and the No Gas Campaign. You will also find info about:

* The Campaign                             * How to get there & Maps

* Goolaraboloo                              * Cultural Protocol

* Sacred Land                                 * Camp Life

* Camp Life                                     * What to bring

* Health & Safety                           * Dry Camp – No Garri No Ganja

* Camp Guidelines                         * How To Help Out Around Camp

* Contributing to Camp                 * Decision Making & Conflict Resolution

* Native Plants                                *  The Aboriginal 6 Season Calendar

* Nonviolent Direct Action            * Security Culture

* Legal Basics                                   * Services Around Broome

* How to get More Information

It is a perfect keepsake for anyone who was involved or interested in this campaign. Is a useful, practical tool for any NGO or grassroots activist/conservation group, as well as a historical document.

Phillip Roe and the young Goolarabooloo mob paint up traditional way.

Phillip Roe and the young Goolarabooloo mob paint up traditional way.
Photo: Julia Rau

AND the Walmadan Camp Guide Book now comes as a NEW and Special WE WON  Edition!!

To see the new wrap around section of this booklet click below:

Extra Special WE WON Edition

In this section you will find:

* Reflections and recounts from people involved at Camp Walmadan

* Photos and artworks by local people

* A song written by the Walmadan crew on the day of the win. The day of the win the Walmadan phone was ringing off the hook, so we spent most of the day sitting together on the floor of the media tent, taking phone calls and not quite knowing exactly how to feel or what to do. In between calls we put our bewildered energy into writing a song. It was performed at the celebration gigs with cup percussion.



To print one of these camp guides, email:

We can send you a link to a high-resolution copy, suitable for printing, and send you printing instructions. These guides are designed to print out into an A5 booklet (A4 folded in half – like a regular zine). The section in the centre is about local plants and their uses. This beautifully illustrated section can pull out to be displayed on your wall.

The extra special new edition section wraps around the original booklet.

If you have any questions or trouble printing don’t hesitate to email.

Law Boss Richard Hunter at Camp Walmadan

Law Boss Richard Hunter at Camp Walmadan.
Photo: Tegan Mossop

To help spread the word about the direct action being taken to protect the Kimberley, about this ecologically diverse and culturally powerful area, and about ways to become involved, we suggest printing copies out for all your friends, family and workmates. You could even leave a few copies at your local cafe, library etc.

For all our supporters who help in so many ways, a very big thankyou from camp Walmadan!

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