NEW Extra Special WE WON Edition to the Walmadan Camp Book

The New WE WON edition of the Walmadan Camp Booklet has been released and is NOW AVAILABLE!

Click image link here:

View NEW Edition

View NEW Edition

This is the new section only. To view the original booklet see previous post below.

In the NEW WE WON section you will find:

Photo: Damian Kelly

Photo: Damian Kelly

* Heartfelt reflections and recounts from some of the people involved at Camp Walmadan

* Photos and artworks by local people

* A song written by the Walmadan crew on the day of the win. “The day of the win the Walmadan phone was ringing off the hook, so we spent most of the day sitting together on the floor of the media tent, taking phone calls and not quite knowing exactly how to feel or what to do. In between calls we put our bewildered energy into writing a song. It was performed at the celebration gigs with cup percussion”.

Photo: Damian Kelly

Photo: Damian Kelly


To receive a high-resolution copy of both sections of this booklet email:

We can send you a high res copy, and instructions for printing!


Biggest thanks to Lilia Letsch who did an enormous amount of volunteer work on the graphic design of this booklet! What an incredible woman! And to Nicola Paris whose unstoppable energy drove this project! To all the photographers and artists who constantly documented the happiest and most painful moments throughout the campaign. To all the people who shared their stories and their feelings, and to everyone involved in Camp Walmadan over the years.

It has been a pleasure to work with you all.

                 Tegan Mossop and the Walmadan Warriors

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Concerned citizens committed to protecting the Kimberley.
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